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#define dba_error_notfound ( fmt,
...   )     dba_error_generic1(DBA_ERR_NOTFOUND, fmt , ## __VA_ARGS__)

Reports that a search-like function could not find what was requested.

fmt printf-style format string used to build the context informations for this error

Definition at line 202 of file dba_error.h.

Referenced by bufrex_dtable_query(), dba_convert_WMO0500_to_BUFR20012(), dba_import_msg(), dba_record_contains_key(), dba_record_key_set(), dba_record_key_setc(), dba_record_key_setd(), dba_record_key_seti(), dba_record_key_unset(), dba_record_keyword_info(), dba_record_set_from_string(), dba_var_enqc(), dba_var_enqd(), dba_var_enqi(), dba_vartable_query(), idba_ancora(), idba_setb(), idba_setc(), idba_setd(), idba_seti(), idba_setr(), and idba_unset().

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